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Complete RV Repair & Body Shop offers RV owners an option to sell their vehicles on consignment, giving you greater control over the selling process. And we professionally market our consignment vehicles and relieve you of the hassle and frustration of trying to sell it yourself. We work to sell your RV fast!

Questions people often ask:

The value of your RV depends on various factors, including its make, model, age, condition, and current market demand. We conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine an accurate value, considering its overall condition, upgrades or modifications, and service history. We also compare your RV with current market trends and recent sales data. Once assessed, we’ll provide a competitive and fair price tailored to maximize your RV’s resale potential.

Choosing to sell your trailer for cash can offer quick and hassle-free transactions, but weighing the pros and cons based on your circumstances is essential. Selling for cash usually means a more immediate payment without the wait or potential complications of financing or trade-ins. We recommend considering your immediate financial needs, the convenience factor, and comparing offers from various avenues before making a final decision.

Before selling your RV, several essential documents are typically required to ensure a smooth and legal transaction. These include the RV’s title (which proves ownership), a current and valid registration, recent maintenance or service records, and the owner’s manual. Additionally, you’ll need a lien release from your lender if there’s a lien on the RV. It’s also advisable to provide a Bill of Sale, which documents the transaction details. Before finalizing the sale, check with your local DMV or regulatory authority to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork for your state or region.

Note that when you choose Complete’s consignment services, we help with all the paperwork.

Selling an RV with an outstanding loan can be more complex, but it is possible. If you sell your RV while there’s still a loan, the lien holder holds the title until the loan is fully paid off. To transfer ownership to a new buyer, you must clear the loan. You can use the proceeds from the sale to pay off the loan, or if the RV’s sale price doesn’t cover the entire loan amount, you’ll need to make up the difference. It’s essential to communicate transparently with potential buyers about the lien and to work closely with your lender to ensure the title transfer process goes smoothly.

At Complete, we support the seller’s journey. With our consignment services, we remove the hassle of DIY self-selling. Our services include an inspection and marketing to an audience of potential buyers. And because we have a body shop and repair services, we can make any repairs necessary to get your RV ready so you get the best price for your investment. (Note that repairs are an additional expense.)

Most importantly, we handle ALL the paperwork. While your RV is here, it is in a secured lot, with Ballpark lights around the entire facility and cameras stationed at every access point. Plus, we have power access to show your unit, operate the slide-outs, and charge if needed.

At Complete Repair & Body Shop, we understand RVs and have the team to help you get the most for your vehicle.

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The Selling Process Made Easy

RV Arrival

When your RV arrives at Complete, we do an initial walkthrough with you and give you a report.

Full RV Workup

All RVs for sale undergo an inspection and professional appraisal to ensure it's priced competitively and fairly.

Marketing & Sale

We professionally market our consignment RVs, alerting our network of potential buyers. And we handle all the paperwork for you!

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All the pre-owned RVs we sell have undergone a full inspection by our expert technicians to ensure they meet our high standards. Buying on consignment offers you a chance to find unique and well-maintained models at competitive prices while supporting individual sellers in our vibrant RV community.

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